Musicians declare a Century of Peace on Earth! will be a portal for broadcasting music, and networking activism

Founded on September 11th 2001, Peace Not War operated in London as a not-for-profit record label and concert production company until 2007. We released 253,000 CDs of anti-war and pro-peace music that provided the soundtrack to the peace movement resisting war – especially the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. We networked musicians with their local activist organizations, co-ordinating consciousness-raising concerts and street protests. Our unique input was to attract youth into the peace movement – using lyrics as an educational medium, and as an energetic motivation. Peace Not War always was, and always will be, a non-partisan, multi-cultural and interfaith network of musicians working in solidarity with all aspects of the global peace movement. Peace Not War donated all proceeds of music sales to various peace activism organizations around the world. Now Peace Not War has been reformed as a Community Interest Company in response to escalating climate change, and ongoing warfare and military spending.

On November 11th 2018, we will launch as the definitive online archive of pro-peace and anti-war music, which is intended to motivate a new generation of youth to become peace activists. The First World War (1914-1918) was supposed to be “the war to end all wars”, but the world has suffered from a further hundred years of new kinds of warfare – now manipulated by arms dealers, banks, corrupt governments, and covert forces. Furthermore, there is an obvious interdependence between militarism and the oil industry, and we will be emphasizing the need for peace and environmental activism to be united. The 2018 Peace Not War plan is for musicians to declare the next 100 years to be a century of making Peace On Earth, and for musicians to inspire this movement with our creative energy and lyrical education.

Peace Not War already has the world’s largest collection of pro-peace and anti-war music recordings, as well as the permission to publish these. In the future, we will solicit new songs by well-known artists: requesting that they initially make their tracks available exclusively from, such that their fans come to the website to get educated and motivated. Also, we will solicit songs from the general public all over the world, to write and sing about their local war/peace issues. These songs will be given away as free downloads via the website – and listeners will be informed of nearby peace protest and direct action events, as well as local organizations working for peace. The website blog will become an online education platform for activist veterans to teach about effective war resistance strategies, organizational techniques, and community wisdom. A sophisticated action calendar will collate protest and direct action events from all corners of the globe into one online portal – integrated with Facebook, and visible whilst listening to music.

Earthlings need creative solutions to the massive problems of wars, militarism and colonization: musicians work with an infinite source of creative energy, and will be our Peace Portal!

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