Peace Not War Vol. 1


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Double-CD compilation of pro-peace and anti-war songs by various artists. The original release that started the Peace Not War music movement. Available here as a double-CD (via post) or as digital downloads (Apple Lossless, FLAC or MP3 audio formats).

1. Ani DiFranco “Self Evident”
2. Sleater-Kinney “Combat Rock”
3. Public Enemy “Son of a Bush
4. Billy Bragg “The Price of Oil”
5. Midnight Oil “US Forces”
6. Chumbawamba “Jacob’s Ladder (Not In My Name)”
7. DJ DisOrientalist “Occident & Emergency”
8. Asian Dub Foundation feat. Tariq Ali “Not In My Name)”
9. Life “Bush and Blair”
10. Seize The Day “United States”
11. Crass “The Unelected President”
12. The Unpeople feat. John Pilger “The Unpeople”
13. Slovo “21 Today”
14. Yo La Tengo “Nuclear War”

1. Ms Dynamite “Watch Over Them”
2. Roots Manuva “Juggle Tings Proper”
3. Alabama 3 “Flag” (Half Mast mix)
4. The Mark Of Cain “Lone Pine”
5. John Lester “Out of the Clear Blue Sky”
6. GM Baby “Pain of Life”
7. Torben & Joe feat. Ken Livingstone “Money is Your Blood”
8. Nitin Sawhney “Cold and Intimate”
9. Fun<da>mental “Rape (Tactic of War)”
10. SuparNovar “When R They Gonna C?”
11. Laszlo Beckett “What To Do”
12. Pok & The Spacegoats “Voices of a Future”
13. Stephen Smith feat. Pete Seeger & DJ Spooky “The Bell – Paranoia Network Mix”
14. Saul Williams feat. Coldcut “The Pledge of Resistance”
15. Sia “Fear”
16. Massive Attack “Hymn of the Big Wheel”
17. Bindi Blacher “Down”


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