Peace Not War Vol. 2


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Double-CD of pro-peace and anti-war music. Widely considered the best protest compilation ever released, these tracks were selected from >500 submissions posted to the Peace Not War office. Available here as a double-CD (via post) or as digital downloads (Apple Lossless, FLAC or MP3 audio formats).

1. Michael Franti & Spearhead feat. Gift Of Gab “We Don’t Stop”
2. Jurassic 5 feat. Babu “Ducky Boy”
3. Lyrics Born feat. Lateef “The Last Trumpet”
4. Faithless “Mass Destruction”
5. Paris “What Would You Do?”
6. Rawdog feat. Taskforce & Braintax “Arrest the President”
7. Maya Jupiter “What For?”
8. Visionary Underground “Countries At War”
9. Flow Official “Poli-Trixx II”
10. Lifesavas “State of the World”
11. Free*Land “We Want Your Soul”
12. The Herd “Starship Trooper”
13. GM Baby feat. SuparNovar “Peace Not War”
14. Train Of Thought “Counter War Terrorism”
15. Carpetface feat. Freefall Collective “Revolution Nation”
16. Son Of Nun “Fight Back”
17. MC Angel feat. The Rub “WMD Day”
18. Le Tigre “New Kicks”
19. Banco De Gaia “Not In My Name”

1. Anti-Flag “Power to the Peaceful”
2. Jane’s Addiction “True Nature”
3. Brad Postlethwaite “Welcome to the Occupation”
4. Propagandhi “Albright Monument, Baghdad”
5. Ani Difranco “Animal”
6. The Evens “On the Face of It”
7. Hamell On Trial “Don’t Kill”
8. Sara Marlowe “War is Coming”
9. Karma Sutra “To the Tap”
10. Martha Tilston “The Saddest Game”
11. Gertrude “Jello From the Sky”
12. Ghetto Priest “Masters of Deception”
13. The Rub “George Bush is an Islamic Fundamentalist”
14. The Kelly Gang “Someone New”
15. Saritah “Gratitude”
16. Robb Johnson “The Day the World Said Stop the War”
17. Sonic Youth “Peace Attack”